Slow Dance and the Daylight Mural

In collaboration with acclaimed curator and Grey Area co-founder Kyle DeWoody, The James New York has commissioned Brooklyn-based artist Paul Wackers to create an original public art mural for the hotel’s 6th Avenue façade.

Art has always been an important component of The James experience, and now the hotel’s new installation marks the first public-facing extension of the dedicated #artatthejames hotel art program. Created with its surrounding Soho neighborhood in mind, the piece engages visitors and locals by establishing a sense of familiarity in a seemingly impersonal city. A vibrant still life, it blurs the line between reality and abstraction—and possesses a playfulness through Wackers’ signature use of bright colors and dynamic composition.

The public art installation, entitled Slow Dance and the Daylight, is an intimate tableau of potted plants, personal mementos, shapes and lines, the latter lending themselves to the complex architecture of the hotel.

Guests, locals, and passersby are invited to join the conversation via social media and engage with the piece by sharing “selfies” captured in front of the mural. Select photos using the hashtag #jamespublicart will find their way to