NYC Wave Walk

In collaboration with Project 0 and global prestigue skincare brand La Mer, The James New York - SoHo is helping to raise awareness and funding for ocean conservation projects around the world by taking part in the La Mer Wave Walk.  A journey that celebrates the ocean, art and New York City, Project 0 brought together 50 of the world’s most influential artists and culture-makers to create their own wave-inspired, charitable works of art.

The James New York - SoHo is proud to host three extraordinary wave sculptures to bring awareness to this important cause. The sea-inspired sculptures on display at The James are designed by Keith Richards, Dustin Yellin and Clifford Ross. 

  • Keith Richards, "Human Tide," located in the hotel entrance
  • Dustin Yellin, "Wave of Mutilation," located in the upper Urban Garden
  • Clifford Ross, "Wave Sculpture I," located in the Bird's Nest

Guests, locals, and passersby are invited to join the conversation via social media and engage with the wave statues by sharing “selfies” captured in front of the mural. Select photos using the hashtag #jamespublicart will find their way to, which will exhibit a collection of images celebrating the inspiring interaction between people, art, and the public space. For more details, follow @jameshotels on Twitter or Instagram or check out