Paul Wackers


Paul Wackers makes works based on the familiar, which in the bustling city can often be hard to find--and sheds new light on everyday objects.

Artist notes on his piece at The James New York: "I wanted to work with the shape of the wall to create a narrative within the piece itself—the same way I would over many pieces within a solo show of my paintings. I was able to create a story with this piece by using compositional elements and recurring motifs: a cabinet with familiar but intangible objects, plants, pots and vaguely historical imagery. It incorporates many of the objects and shapes which I see as characters that can interact in different ways through use of color, line and juxtaposition. This installation depicts the version of a passage of time. The first object has a sense of potential energy and growth. As you make your way through the mural, you see a human manipulation of this energy in conflict and in conjunction with the natural, and end with the hopeful balance of the two."