Christopher Saunders


Note from the Artist: “Even as we pass through it, a landscape is already in the process of being remembered and reinvented. Landscape can be used as a medium with which we are creatively involved, a locus for the interplay of orientation, identity, memory and the poetic possibilities of misrecognition. Its value lies in its openness, its internal dynamism, and the scope of the imaginary variations to which it lends itself.

The process for my landscape paintings originates with a multi-source photographic index. I employ a stratified collage system to evolve an image from this indexical source into a final painting or series of works. Compositionally, the convention of field assumes the dual role of ground (rural and urban) and atmosphere (color and light). Suggestive shadows, amorphous blurs, architectural remnants, stacked lines and deformations are referents for an informed and impaired picture. These are dramas of transition, a landscape on the move where there is no contradiction between the limitlessness of becoming and the evocations of recollection.”