Brandon Neubaur


Note from the Artist: “In my creative practice I create multi-disciplinary portraits of place. My process is formed through direct engagement and response to the landscape as it is combined with an earnest sense of what it could be. My projection-grams compress an elaborate sixty-second choreography into a single image. Working with digitally produced slides, I strategically project image-fragments and simple geometric forms into the landscape, and document the result through time-lapse photography. During the extended-exposure, I move through the frame with a white screen, creating a kinetic projection surface to capture and reflect parts of the projection as it travels through space.

For other works in the collection I cut straight-photographs along precise, geometric lines, inspired by both natural and industrial forms. The resulting image fragments are re-combined into imagined landscapes. If one assumes the single image represents a fractured view of a given space, then my work amplifies the resulting cracks and questions the apparent simplicity of the world as it appears.”