Fitness Friday: Marathon Tips

Mindfulness plays a key role in any wellness program, especially when it comes to endurance events such as a marathon. Two people who know this better than anyone are Jacquelyn Brennan and Kelly Moore - the founders of MindFuel Wellness, which empowers people to connect with their health and wellbeing through fitness, nutrition and mindful living.

With the Chicago Marathon taking place on October 9 and the New York City Marathon not far behind on November 6, we tapped this dynamic duo to provide marathon tips for all runners. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete, take note of these six keys for a successful race:

1) Stick to your routine. However you have been training the last few months or weeks leading up to the marathon is how you should approach it.  Now's not the time to change up your shoes, your diet or your outfit. Stick with what you’ve been doing all along in preparation.

2) Hydration and fueling starts days before the race. Make sure you have proper water intake and nutrition the entire week leading up to the marathon.

3) Be mentally prepared!  Don't let race week jitters get the best of you. Your training is done and you know you are ready.

4) Sleep. Set a bedtime for yourself each night of race week and stick to it. Also, set the alarm to make sure you are up at the same time every day.

5) Lay out your race day outfit one to two days before to ensure you have exactly what you need - the right socks, gels, shot blocks, body glide, etc. so you can have the day leading up to the race to rest and relax. Preparation is the key to success.

6) Visualize yourself crossing the finish line. It can be really powerful to use as a motivational tactic when you feel fatigued.  Mindfulness plays a key role in any marathon success.

Jacquelyn and Kelly host quarterly “Healthy Hours” at The James Chicago, a part of the hotel’s Urban Wellness program which connects the modern traveler with authentic, local health and wellness experiences. Follow @jameshotels for information on the next after-work wellness reception featuring the MindFuel’s popular “fuel flow” class.