James Public Art

In collaboration with acclaimed curator and Johalla Projects founder Anna Cerniglia, The James Chicago has commissioned Chicago-based artist Alexander Valentine to create an original public art installation for the hotel’s Rush Street façade.

Art has always been an important component of The James experience, and now the hotel’s new installation marks the second public-facing extension of the dedicated #artatthejames hotel art program, following The James New York's public art unveiling.

The public art installation, entitled "Pace & Space" features two original artworks by Valentine displayed in oversized exterior frames on the east-facing sidewalk by The Patio at The James Chicago. The collage works are comprised of vibrantly colored patterns, reflective of the warm season, that weave and intertwine with geometric shapes, conveying upward movement.

Over time, and part of its ongoing art series, The James will rotate the art in the frames throughout the year, each of which will complement the ever-changing seasons in Chicago.

Guests, locals, and passersby are invited to join the conversation via social media and engage with the piece by sharing “selfies” captured in front of the installation. Select photos using the hashtag #jamespublicart will find their way to jamespublicart.com, which will exhibit a collection of images celebrating the inspiring interaction between people, art, and the public space.

For more details, follow @jameshotels on Twitter or Instagram or check out jamespublicart.com.